Before you apply

We know getting a water connection is important to you and that it can be a daunting time finding the right information and application, which is why we have created these pages to give you the know how to complete the right water connection application.

Infographic showing stages of a South East Water new service connection

What is a new service connection?

A new service connection is where you require a new water supply, but you can connect to our existing network.

When do I need a new service connection?

You will need a new connection if:

  • you’re building a new home and require a permanent water supply
  • you need a temporary building supply to enable to you have water for your construction
  • you're looking to divide a property is into multiple properties I.e. house to flat conversion
  • there’s an increase in your water usage, which requires a larger sized water connection
  • you want to change the entry of the water pipe into your site from the existing highway
  • a separation of a joint (common) supply is required
  • you′re installing fire apparatus (sprinkler supply)
  • you′d like a supply for irrigation purposes (for example: bin stores, landlord or agricultural use).

How to get connected?

Check we are the water supplier for your area, here. (opens in a new tab)

Use our New Permanent Supply application form to obtain an estimate for completing the work ahead of making your formal application. We know that you’ll be working to a budget so we’d like to give you an idea of a budget what you can expect.

We’ll then need you to make your application online. We’re here to support you through this process so if you need any help, give our friendly team a call and we’ll be happy to help.

As part of your application we’ll ask you to make a payment for the application fee. You can find out more about our application fees here(opens in a new tab).

We’ll check your application to ensure we’ve got all the information we need. We will then evaluate your project to determine what is required on site to ensure we can make your connection(s) right first time.

Following your survey, we’ll provide a detailed a quote for your project within 28 days of submitting and making payment for your application.

Once you’ve received your quote, we’ll ask you to make payment for your project. This can be made online or by BACS.

One of our friendly team will follow up with you to check you’ve got everything you need.

If your project requires a road closure to make the connection, we’ll offer to start planning your work at this point.

South East Water can only perform the work in the public land. You will need to employ someone to or lay your pipework to the required specifications. These specifications are in place to protect your water supply and quality. We’ve got some useful information here to help you with this.

If you use an WIAPS approved installer, we won’t need to inspect your site. Please just send us the certification of the installer and we’ll approve the works. You can find an installer who is pre approved here(opens in a new tab).

Once you’ve laid your pipework, please get in touch. Once we’ve checked your pipework is compliant and safe, we will move you forward for your water connection.

If your project requires a pipe diameter of greater than 50mm, it will require disinfection before it can be connected. We’re here to help you with this so please get in touch if you need the know how. You can access our Underground Pipework Chlorination Guide here.(opens in a new tab)

Our contractor will program the connection works to be carried out within 21 Days in most circumstances. If your project is traffic sensitive this can take up to 12 weeks.

Our contractor will attend your project to carry out the connection and install a meter. Your connection may take us a few days to complete. Once we’re done, our reinstatement team will be back to resurface the area if required.

We’ll leave you information on how to register for your new billing account, or you can register on our online portal, My Account.(opens in a new tab)