As a Self Lay Provider working in our area there are 3 types of work that can be undertaken:

Self-lay mains.

Self-lay services only.

Self lay mains and services.

We've put together some useful information below outlining the process from start to finish, including our Design and Construction Specification which provides you guidance on how to operate on our network as well as links to any notifications forms you may need to complete.

Self Lay Guidance

If you have a Pre-Development enquiry, please use our pre development application form and we will respond to you within 5 working days. This us to advise you on the feasibility of providing water to your project.

Once you’re working with a Developer or NAV, you’re ready to do your Point of Connection Application. You can submit this online, we’ll need to know some information to progress your application:-

  • Planning Status and Application Number
  • Estimated build schedule
  • Site Layout Plan

As part of your application, we’ll need you to provide us with some information:

  • Your design in a CAD format DWG
  • Soil report
  • Source of water date

Our Design Construction Specification can be found here.(opens in a new tab) This will help you design and construct to meet our requirements.

As part of your application, we’ll require you to make payment for your application fee. Please contact us for payment information.

We will review your application along with your design and provide you confirmation of receipt within 5 days of from submission, if we have any questions we’ll be in touch.

We will issue a design acceptance within 14 days from the date of payment for your application (if your design is considered as complex this will be within 21 days – we’ll let you know if this is the case).

We will issue you with a Water Adoption Agreement which must be signed and returned to us before work can commence on site. This is the legal agreement that governs who completes the work and any costs to be incurred.

The legally binding agreement must be signed by all parties and returned to us. We’ll then counter-sign and return to you.

Alternatively, you can complete the Water Adoption Agreement(opens in a new tab) and send this in with your design.

We’ll get you connected and give you a source of water from the nearest main.

You carry out the work on site as per our approved design, we have created some useful documents to help you with working in our area, here.

Before a new main can be connected to our network we need to ensure that there is nothing harmful in the new pipework. We’ll require you to complete a pressure test and chlorinate the pipework.

Once you have completed these and the results have passed, you’re ready to make your connection.

If you’re struggling with the pressure test and chlorination, please contact us.

You’re now ready to make your connection.

You should let us know that intend you to connect with at least 7 days notice. You can do this by contacting in a new tab).

Once work is completed, we will need to arrange a site visit. You can do this by completing this form(opens in a new tab).

Please return the completed form to in a new tab).

Once Connection has taken place, you’ll need to let us know within 24 hours – please use this form here(opens in a new tab).

If you wish to purchase and install the meters yourself, please allow 7 working days for South East Water to process your request, and confirm a date for you to collect the meters from our depot.

Please use the form below to request the meters required.

You are responsible for the safe-keeping of the meter, any lost meters will incur an additional cost.

If you require South East to fit the meters on your behalf, you will need to contact your project lead and they will provide a date to make the service connections within 21 days of your request.

If you are fitting your own meters, please ensure they comply with the ITRON specification we use, here. The meters must have a module fitted, and you must complete the below form and share the encoder details with us.

Please note: if the meter module is missing and you do not have the encoder details, we will ask you to swap the meter out, or if we need to attend to swap the meter, all costs associated will be passed over to you.

Please return your completed connection form back to us, making sure to include plot to postal information, meter start reading and install date within 1 day for non household connections and 5 days for household connections.