What is a C4 Diversion?

A C4 diversion estimate is a chargeable service.

We will review your proposed development and will identify if our asset will be impacted as a result of your works. We will provide a firm cost and detailed design for the diversion works. The cost will act as a security deposit with the true cost of the works being recalculated on completion, we will then refund or invoice as applicable.

How to apply

Check we are the water supplier for your area.

Apply online using the application form on this page, if you have any questions, give our friendly team a call and we’ll be happy to help.

Upload your documents alongside your application this includes a CAD file (.dwg) of your proposed drawing, site location and layout plans, a plan and a soil analysis report (if applicable).

We will acknowledge receipt of your application within 5 days, if we need any more information from you during this time we will be in touch.

You will receive a design and quotation within 28 days of submitting your application.

If your project is considered to be complex, we will advise you of this in advance providing you with revised timescales.

To proceed, you will need to make payment for the quote received.

We will confirm receipt of payment.

We will arrange a pre start meeting with you and confirm the site is ready.

We will programme the works and inform you of the dates.

Work will be carried out on site and once complete a final inspection will take place.

The water main diversion is now complete and live, any further site works should ensure this asset is protected.

We will carry out a reconciliation of the works on site and issue a refund or an amended invoice if any additional monies are due with 28 days of the works being completed.

Application Forms

C4 Diversion Application