What is a site development?

A site development is where you require a new water supply but cannot to our existing main.

We will carry out the network modelling, design and lay the water main and you will pay the requisition charge which is the total cost of the site-specific works, we often refer to this work as ‘Mains Requisition Section 42’. You can also appoint a Self Lay Provider to carry out these works on your behalf, please see our Self Lay pages for more information.

How to get connected?

You can use our pre development application to get an estimate for the work you require, this is useful in cases where you aren’t sure if you are going through with the work or are still in the early stages of planning and would like a cost.

This is a quotation which will confirm the capacity requirements and network capacity at the time of application, it includes a budget cost for the site-specific works and for the related service connections.

You can then make a New Mains application which will provide you with a firm quote.

How to apply

Check we are the water supplier for your area(opens in a new tab).

Apply online using the application forms on this page, if you’re unsure which application you need, give our friendly team a call and we’ll be happy to help.

Upload the required documents.

Make Payment for Application Fee.

We will acknowledge receipt of your application within 5 days.

We will carry out a survey to determine what is required on site.

We will use the information from the survey to produce a design for the works.

You will receive a quote for the works within 28 days of submitting and making payment for your application.

If you wish to proceed, make payment for the works.

We will arrange a pre start site meeting and confirm the site is ready to move into construction.

We will schedule the work.

We will carry out construction on site and arrange for testing and chlorination of the newly laid main to take place.

Once everything is completed, we will arrange a walk off of the site.

Once completed we will program the connection works to be carried out within 21 days.

Our construction partners will attend the site and carry out the connection and install a meter.

You will need to register for a billing account, which you can do so here(opens in a new tab).